SO.LA.IS. met with success in 1998 when applying for its first ISO 9001 standard certification (download  ISO9001_2015_year 2021 iqnet_ISO_ANNO 2021).
Since 2006, we have been ISO/TS 16949 quality standard certified, IATF since May 2018 (download  IATF16949_2016_year 2021).

Actions reflecting our commitment to quality started up in the early 1980s, with certification on the part of customers and AQP supply for OEM. Quality actions have been ongoing ever since, enabling today’s results.

Our Quality Policy aims are as follows:

Customer satisfaction
the customer, who is understood as the end user of our products: full awareness that each corporate area, in its dealings with the other areas, must act as a party to the Customer/Supplier relation. The aim is to meet the express needs of our customers, as well as any other needs not expressly indicated. We meet their needs while constantly monitoring the marketplace.

Ongoing improvement
understood as an ability to self-diagnose, thanks to constant monitoring of activities and prompt implementation of any remedial measures that may be required, with involvement of our personnel (made possible thanks to constant in-field training). This objective applies to all corporate fields. Control is also ensured by application of the performance ratings drawn up for the various corporate ambits (quality, environment, safety etc.).

Monitoring environmental impact, safety and ethics, and improvement actions
by assessing the relationship obtaining between corporate processes and the environmental characteristics of the surroundings, and by reducing and/or eliminating noxious effects or by benefiting from openings of a positive nature.
by monitoring the impacts of all corporate processes (also those planned for the future) on safety, by abiding by all health and safety regulations, and by implementing an actively efficacious system for crime detection and prevention, with provision of training and information in all corporate areas.
by a commitment to ethical conduct and commercial fairness, both internal and in the company’s dealings with its procurement chain.

The management