SOLAIS has developed quality policies and quality management methods in order to meet all the requisites and expectations of its customers (quality, cost reduction and timeliness). It also takes safety, environmental and ethical considerations into account, in full awareness of its suppliers’ key role in attaining this objective. SOLAIS has therefore set forth the basic requisites that it applies for the purposes of control and maintenance of services and supply quality. The basic documentation for suppliers consists in the General Purchasing Conditions, the Suppliers’ Manual and the purchase orders.

We aim for teamwork with all Suppliers in order to ensure that the requisites be all clearly understood, via timely and rapid communication and enhanced working relations, resulting in ongoing improvement and the adoption of satisfactory problem-solving procedures.

SOLAIS therefore requests of all Suppliers that they apply the procedures as set forth (within their respective fields) and that they ensure that their controls of subcontractors are conducted in a similar manner.

Download: General Purchase Condition_rev Aug2019

Download: VENDOR MANUAL_rev July 2021