About company

SO.LA.IS. has been operational in the automotive sector for four decades, as a manufacturer of thermoacoustic insulators for exhaust systems and heat shields for cars, motorcycles, lorries, tractors etc. Some years ago, we broadened out our thermoacoustic insulation products market base with products for other vehicle parts (e.g. engine compartment, boot liner and interior compartment). We recently started up a new division dedicated to developing thermal and acoustic products for electric and hybrid vehicles.

SO.LA.IS. is a flexible company that places great trust in its personnel. Personnel are a fundamental resource for attaining our goals. We provide customers with the fruits of our many years of experience in this sector, accompanied by our markedly innovation- and research- oriented approach to business.

Our intention is not just to provide unique, personalized products but also to establish partnership and reliable teamwork relations with our customer base in our efforts to meet and satisfy all types of demands and development goals.